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Liquidation in the ELF
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Crime committed and collaborated by the ELF Leaders

ሓድጊ ሓምድ ኢድሪስ ዓወተ!

Exculpating Jebha

And the ELF was not a saint, too

Kidane & Woldai

Dr Fistum- Ibrahim Chekini

Dr Fistum

Ibrahim Chekini

ታሪኽ ኣይንረስዕ


ታሪኽ ኣይንረስዕ፡ዋሕዚ ሓድሽ ሓይሊን ስግኣት ዓብደላ እድሪስንSource
ታሪኽ ኣይንረስዕ :ደርፊ ወልዴሱስ ዓማር Source
ታሪኽ ኣይንረስዕ :ምትፍናን ዓብደላን መሰረታትን Source
ሪኽ ኣይንረስዕ፡ወዲ ተላን ሕልማዊ ዓለሙንSource
ታሪኽ ኣይንረስዕ፡ ምትፍናን ዓብደላን መልኣከSource
ምንቅስቓስ ፋሉልን ናይ ቅንጸላ ስጉምቲን
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The liquidation of the 10 veterans ELF fighters 1978
Omer M. Suba Omer M.Omer Abdu Idris A. Haji Saleh M.Shedeli Ismail M.Mansur

The liquidation of the 10 veterans ELF fighters were confirmed by Ahemed Naser who was the chair man of the ELF at that time in the following
We foiled this reactionary project by resolutely liquidating these elements on May 22, 1978. The Eritrean Liberation Army units assigned this duty executed it perfectly.” One of those martyrs was Hussen the founder of the ELF in Cairo with Taha

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In 1975 many new recruits from secondary schools and Santa familia joined the ELF, but they were also not welcome to the ELF leaders . As a result of this there was conflict between new fighters who joined Front with a secular vision and seeking greater democracy, and the old ELF leadership. Consequence, some of  the newly recruited fighters (Falul )  were also killed by the ELF leaders and others were imprisoned and tortured by the ELF security members. Regarding this Mussie Gebreab who joined the ELF(Jebha) as a teen age in December of 1974 and was a prisoner in 1977 states that , I have seen and experienced much worse than these at the hands of Salih Gadi's( Vaseline) Idol Abdella Idris(Hankish) and co. It takes a book to tell all the untold crimes commuted by Vaseline and his bosses on the Eritrean youth at the Eritrean field, but let me share few of them with you.We demanded to meet with the chairman of the organization Ahmed Naser and they told us Okay but they have to divided the battalion in to two group the one who accepts their explanation and the one who still want to meet Ahmed Naser.Taknicaly the one who support unity dialog with the EPLF in the Eritrean field or the Sabe and Agib group in Sudan. Few month later Abdela Idris ordered to the one who want to meet Ahmed Naser a meeting and to the others sent to to other area to guard us from enemies and we was waiting relaxed for Ahmed Naser to show up to met with us.the next minuet I remember was ranting a hell of bullets and bombs on us from all direction by Abdela Idris special forces. we fought back bravely but no body was ready for these broad day light masker.the majority dead fighting heroically, the few lucky made it all the way to EPLF dejen and join the EPLF to continue the struggle with them, and the rest of us fought back until our last bullet and got captured by Abdela Idris forces. they took us to security, torture and tehadso comp run by Saleh gadi(Vaseline) and co from the Security( enda ztetta) organ run under Melake tekle administration,the most notorious interrogators was Haile Woldeselasie. Zekarias wedi keren, and Saleh Gadi of course no body call him Salh Gadi but Vaseline. Read more

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Seyoum (who became the ELF-RC Chairman after Ahemed Nassir) grew faster through the rank and file of the old ELF than anybody else. He became the mouthpiece of ELF leaders in campaigning against the grassroots movement in 1977
Seyoum was one of the promoters of the infamous political campaign dubbed “HA Hu Bel Falulaywhich brought the democratic movement of ELFto a complete collapse in 1977

Alem Tesfay in his paper "Kab Mezgeb Tarich (page 8)" in 2004 wrote [Interview with Tesfay Temnewo - Part 36]

Hussein Khalifa was elected to the Revolutionary Council Members at the  2nd ELF Congress in 1975. What are his motives in accusing Issayas for the crimes committed from 1970 and the present but keep silent about all the crimes committed by the ELF from 1965-1981. For example what of the fighters who were killed in Dankalia in 1978, Saed Hussien Mohammed was one of these who became the victim of the ELF in 1978.
Wolde Yesus Ammar the leader of the ELF-RC accused Abdella Idris of being sectarian in killing Melka. However Wolde Yesus has never said any thing about liquidation policy of the ELF against Fallul movement in 1977 . This was when Seyoum’ campaiged against the Fallul  movement by  saying “HA Hu Bel Falulay” through  broadcasting over ELF’s radio programme from Omdurman. Why does Wolde Yesus keep silent about the ELF's victims?

ኣቦ መምበር ሰ-ደ-ህ-ኤ ወልደሱስ ዓማር ንሓደ ኣባል ፈጻሚ ኣካል ኣደስኪሉ።

Extended Interview With Veteran Fighter Ibrahim Mahmud Ghedem Part 2


And the ELF was not a saint, too


During the liberation struggle many innocent liberation fighters and civilians became victims of the former revolutionary leaders who are currently serving in the Eritrean government or in the Opposition. The opposition leaders are not innocent of crime. They like the PFDJ leaders whom they are accusing of committing crimes against the Eritrean people since 1991. are also guilty.

Let's tell all truth about the crimes committed by the EPLF and ELF to ensure that they never happen again in the future to anyone

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