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Brief information on the mysterious death of Abraham Tewelde in May 1970 which is still secret for most of us.
Compiled byResoum Kidane

Abrahm Tewelde went to hide in Ala region in the highlands probably in September 1969. He was the leader of the Ala group. This did not have any intention to split from the ELF. Abraham Tewelde who was the leader wished to resolve the problems with (Kiada al-Ama) through in dialogue not by splitting. However, after Mesfin Hagos joined the Ala group in March 1970 and Issayas on 27 April 1970, the PLF II or Selfi Natzinet was founded at a meeting at Ala by Issays. This was just after the death of Abraham Tewelde on 17 May1970 which is still secret to most of us. According to some sources Abraham was poisoned in suspicious circumstance, this was well documented by Human Rights Watch, (1991: 42p) ; by Erlich( Eritrea in the Western Media p.97 1988) Erlich states that one of Issayas' main rivals in the rebel movement was found poisoned to death in 1970; and by Alem Tesfay, 2004
Furthermore Alem Tesfay 2003 explained the cause which led to the death of Abrha Tweldo in the following words:
After Issays came back from the meeting he held with the members of CIA members to Ala he decided to split from the ELF. Because of this
there was an argument with Abraham Tewelde who was not in favour of spliting from the ELF. After one month of argument between them Abraham Tewelde die suddenly. After his death, Issayass succeeded to the leadership of the group and the group then took steps to split from the ELF [Ammar, Woldeysus 2004) ELF . To pretend from the above accusation Issayas named his first son Abraham.

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