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Mysterious death of Ibrahim Afa
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Report on Crimes committed against the Eritrean people by the Ethiopian rulers

Lessons Never to be Forgotten

It is beyond  the scope of  this webpage  to look at the crimes committed  by those various  rulers from  mid-15th century to mid-20th century. In the future there will be a separate page for all atrocities  committed by  the Ottoman Empire , Abyssina and  Italian colonial rulers

.For the meanwhile the main purpose of this page is to highlight all crimes committed by the Ethiopian rulers before the annexation when the Andenate terrorists’ were operating and after annexation when the Eritrean people became victims of suppression and the massacre by the Ethiopian rulers between 1962 and 1991

We need the Land not the People,” declared the Ethiopian emperor at the first place
Ras Asrate Kassa used to say that he would leave Eritrea as bare as his bald head.

The resources of this website include  accounts of the crimes committed against Eritrean civilians by successive Ethiopian governments during the border conflict between 1998 and 2000.

If we say leave, because we do not like the colour of your eyes they have to leave the country..."July 9, 1998, Prime Minster Meles Zenawi






Eritrea: A brief expose of the war crimes committed on innocent Eritrean civilians


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