Woldeyesus Ammar wrote



Now back to our Falul phenomenon of 1975-77 and Seyoum’s lasting lessons to the young generation through various means including through his  messages broadcast over ELF’s radio programme from Omdurman in 1977.  Those comments of sword-like sharpness against ethnic chauvinism and lawlessness within one’s organization were contained in the form of poems one of which was entitled: ‘Hahu bel Falulai, Nab Sri’etna Na’anai’ [with clear message to ‘Isayas-and-followers’ as well as to elements of similar attitude in the ELF of the day]. The poem underlined the importance of the following


Source :Bravo Deru’e,  Agena’e Seyoum

Woldeyesus Ammar