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Mysterious death of Ibrahim Afa
Mysterious death of Abraham Tewelde

Liquidation in the ELF
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The opposition leaders( EDA, EPDP etc..)are no better than Isaias Afwerki, the only difference being that they are not in a position of authority

Some victms of the ELF Leaders

The mission of EHREA is to increase public awareness of injustices carried out in Eritrea and elsewhere by the PFDJ and to serve as a platform to hasten the introduction of justice and democracy in Eritrea

EHREA is a Web Archive which was set up to compile all human rights violations committed by the present regime since 1991, and all crimes committed against innocent fighters and civilians by former veteran (ELF and EPLF)liberation front leaders, who are currently either in the Eritrean government or in one of the opposition groups.

The archive also provides documentation on atrocities committed against Eritrean civilians by the Ethiopian government between 1946 -1991 and during the 1998 border war. Documents on the demise of Asmara University, forced conscription and PFDJ atrocities against youth which caused the flight abroad of thousands of Eritrean youth, are also included in EHREA

Crimes committed by ELF Leaders
The Eritrean Revolution: Born of a Shifta father, produced a Shifta system
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The Eritrean people never wish to see again anyone who has a history of totalitarian or megalomaniac crimes (like the EDA, EPDP &PFDJ leaders) seizing power in future Democratic Eritrea or forming an interim government

Constitution of Eritrea should include

Anyone with a history of  crimes during the armed struggle or after the liberation should not be eligible to stand for any office post.  This should apply to opposition leaders

All those committed violations of human rights should encouraged to acknowledge these as part of national reconcilation process

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