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Mysterious death of Ibrahim Afa
Mysterious death of Abraham Tewelde

Liquidation in the ELF
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PFDJ Crimes against youth and education

ጥልመት "ናጽነት" | BETRAYAL OF "NASNET"

Future of younger generation

Reflections On The Eritrean Youth

Colonels and Teachers: The Ravages of Militarized Education in Eritrea

The 19th Round at Kiloma: The Self-Deception Continues

 Published by Gedab News - Dec 10, 2006

Members of 19th round National Service Program graduate

Published byStaff , Dec 9, 2006

Asmara Technical School graduates 151 students
 Published byStaff , Apr 24, 2006,

University of Asmara graduates 36th batch  

Published by Staff Jul 8, 2006, 17:06

the developments of education

Education and Human Development in Eritrea–Some Implications

[Source Redsea]
Education not Incarceration: Build Schools not Prisons
By Aman Sium - Jun 04, 2010

A Brief Historical Account of Formal Education in Eritrea

Published By Eyob Kidane, 30 Nov 2004

Challenges for higher education in eritrea in the post-independent period to the present – a case of asmara university

Published by Rena, Ravinder Oct 2008
Source MPRAEri.

Sawa’s Warsay Yekealo Boarding school
Published by Kidane Eyob, 05 Aug 2003

Education in Eritrea: Some salient issues ( Part I )

By Alem G. - Feb 16, 2007  
Source awate

Higher education in Africa-a case of Eritrea  
Published by Rena, Ravinder Oct 2008
Source MPRAEri.

Eritrea's education reform plans face major hurdles

Published byRavinder Rena September 11, 2006
[Source Middle East Times]

Higher Education in Eritrea

Simon Bisrat (May 2005)

Women and Education in Eritrea
Published by Charles M. Smith September 2001

Only 29 females out of 527 T.T.I. graduates

Published by Kidane Eyob, 26 Aug 2003

The Gender Gap in Education in Eritrea in 1991-98: A Missed Opportunity?
Published by Hana kifle - Sep 19, 2002

Re-engineering Higher Education in Eritrea

Published by Alem G. - Oct 10, 2006

The death of education in Eritrea

Sirak Mehari W. and Michael Yemane T., Neu-Ulm, Germany
October 27, 2006

Interview with Dr. Tadesse Mehar National Board of Higher Education
Source shaebia

More Of The Same: Sawa High School

Published by Name Withheld - Apr 21, 2004

Value-based Education for Human Development – Eritrean Perspective

Published by Rena, Ravinder

Border Conflict’ – 1998 to 2000- and its Psychological Impact on the Youth

Published by Amanual Mehreteab

The Genesis Of Eritrea's Slavery Project

Published by The Awate Team - Oct 23, 2007

National Service Proclamation


Eritrea drafts new round of military recruits

Published by Asmara, July 5, 2007 (AFP)

Former detainee on Dahlak Kebir island.

Published by CPJ April 11, 2002
[Source cpj

Gel'alo Building: A Remarkable Means To Enjoy Nature

Published by Staff, Sep 22, 2003

The Gel'alo Building “Eritrea’s New Symbol of “Progress”:
Published by Prof. Habtu Ghebre-Ab - Jun 26, 2007

Massacre at Adiabieto! Where is the outrage?
Published by
Haddish Hailemikael November 2004

Members of minority Christian churches who had been held in metal shipping containers at Sawa milita
 Published by Amnesty International, 27 November 2003
[Source Amnesty International]


Twin Atrocities (Mai Habar and Adi Abieto)

Email form Asmara
[Source ]

Eritrea’s Killing Fields

Published by Events Monitor - Sep 22, 2007


Exodus of Eritrea's Youth
 Published by

Students Perished Under Inhuman Punishment The PFDJ Government Cannot Hide Behind Lies
 Published by Berhane Habteab August 20, 2001

Eritrea (Demobilisation and Reintegration Programme, 2002-)

Committing Suicide: PFDJ's Last Act
 Published by Berhane Habteab August 17, 2001

The Plight of Eritrean Students in South Africa

Published by Daniel R. Mekonnen and Samuel B. Abraha 15 April 2004

Isaias in South Africa: The Q & A Session With Eritrean Students

Reported By “Harnet Seb” Translated by Awate Team Jul 8, 2002,

7148 Eritrean Escapees to The Sudan
[from March to November 2006]
Published by EHRAG - Jan 30, 2007

Chart featuring the number of Eritreans escaping to Sudan

Published by, 2006

Young Eritreans brave the unknown to avoid military service
Published by Frehiwot Shiferaw July 2007


Eritreans fleeing to Ethiopia in an alarming rate
[Source The Ethiopian News Agency]

1150 Eritreans entered into Ethiopia
Published by The Ethiopian News Agency August 2, 2007
[Source The Ethiopian News Agency]

Eritrean exodus gathering speed: Aid agencies
August 30 2007
[Source Independent Online]


43% of girls and 51% of boys are in primary school
About 50 percent of Eritrean children drop out of school at the elementary level

Widespread conscription of children goes uncheckedCase Study Eritrea:

Eritrean youth gathering outside a school before getting conscripted

Only about 3 per cent of the youth get an opportunity for H.E of PFDJ

Eritrea rapped for 'military' schooling

Sawa: a school, a traning camp and a detention center

ኣብ መደበር ወተሃደራዊ ታዕሊም ሳዋ ብዓሰርተታት ዝቑጸሩ ትሕቲ ዕድመ ተማሃሮ ብሓደ እዋን ጃምላዊ ነብሰ-ቕትለት ከምዝፈጸሙ ተሓቢሩ።
10,000 school leavers are sent every year to the army
Women in the military camp of Sawa

Sexual abuse of women in the military

Forced National Service
Testimony of Gelalo Prisoners
  Testimony: Ex-prisoner of Brigade Six Sawa  
  Youth of Eritrea running away from the brutal officers of PFDJ  
Names of the citizens who were killed in Adi Abeito
  ካብ ገዝኣ ብጨወይቲ ካብ ትዕፈን ንልዕሊ ሰለስተ ወርሒ ደሃያ ዝጠፍአ ጓለንስተይቲ  

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