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Mysterious death of Ibrahim Afa
Mysterious death of Abraham Tewelde

Liquidation in the ELF
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Reformists (G15)

All but two of the 11 former senior government officials of Eritrea confirmed dead [READ MORE].
Petros Solomon
Who is Petros Solomon
Brief biography
Eritrean ex-Minister Calls for New Elected Leaders
Pertos Solomon (Former Minister of Maritime Resources)
Asmara Khartoum, Hostility in the Horn
A Sudanese National Narrates His story behind the Bars of the PFDJ

Aster Fissehatsion
Who is Aster
Waiting for news of Aster
Aster Fissehatsion (Former Director of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs)  
Name of Deceased, Title, Date of Death
Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmed Sherifo
Beraki Gebreselassie
Who is Beraki Gebresilassie
Beraki Gebreselassie (Former Ambassador to Germany)

Published by Dr. Asefaw Tekeste, August 2004]
Update on the "death of Beraki Gebresilassie
Haile Woldetensae
    Haile Woldetensae (Former Minister of Trade and Industry)
Imprisoned - with Dawit
 Interview with Haile Woldetensae
  Brief biography
Who is Haile_Weldetensae
ተቓላሳይ ሃይለ ወልደትንሳኤ ድሩዕ
 Haile(Duru) Woldetensae's speech
   Foreign Minister Haile Interview June 9 2000
  Mohmud Sherifo  
   Who is Mahoumd Sherifo
Feruz shares her childhood memories with Sherifo
   Mahoumd Sherifo (Former VicePresident)
   Update on the "death of Mahoumd Sherifo 
    Name of Deceased, Title, Date of Death
Ogbe Abraha
    Who is Oqbe Abraha
Wikaw Iz Without General Uqbe
Ogbe Abraha (jailed)
    Open Letter of General Oqbe Abraha General Ogbe Abraha
    Ogbe Abraha (Former Chief of Staff of the Defence        
    Call for an investigation of "disappearances" in Eritrea: General Oqbe Abraha.  
Update on the "death of General Oqbe Abraha  
    Name of Deceased, Title, Date of Death [more]
Berhane Gebregziabeher
    Who is Berhane Gebregziabeher
   Berhane Gebregziabeher
    Berhane Gebregziabeher (Former Army Major-General)
Update on the death of Berhane Gebregziabeher [death certificate]  
Salh Kekiya
    Who is Saleh Kekiya 
   Saleh Kekiya (Former Minister of Transport and Communication)
   Update on the "death of Saleh Kekiya"
   Name of Deceased, Title, Date of Death
Salih Idris Kekya
Estifanos Seyoum
    Who is Estifanos Seyoum
    Estifanos Seyoum (Army Brigader General)

Update on the death of Estifanos Seyoum [ death certificate]

Brief biography

Germano Nati
    Who is Germano Nati [death certificate]
    [ ዮና ጀርማኖ ናቲ፡ ብዛዕባ ኣቡኡ ጀርማኖ ናቲ
     Germano Nati (Former Regional Administrator)
 Update on the death of Germano Nati [
Mamad Hamid Mamad
    Who is Mamad Hamid Mamad  Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) 
     source Voice of Meslena Delina
    Interview with Mamad Hamid Mamad   
    Mamad Hamid Mamad (Former Ambassador) [death certificate]
       An open letter to all members of the PFDJ:from G15
An open letter from G15 [Audio file] [:
An open letter from G15 [[: Why this letter[html file]
kunetat hgdef[text]
kunetat hgdef [audio file]: Voice of Meslena Delina

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