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Mysterious death of Ibrahim Afa
Mysterious death of Abraham Tewelde

Liquidation in the ELF
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Eritrea Ex-detective, Mengestiab Girmay, exclusively uncovers genocide in Eritrea. PT1 Voice of Eritrean Prisoners
Eritrea a Nation Held Hostage People and Power -The mystery behind Eritrea
September 18, 2001 Tribute to Eritrean nationals residing in South Africa
[Sawa Interview- Eritrean Youth vs The Comander Al Jazeera English - LISTENING POST Eritrea
Eritrea accused of prisoner abuse A former Eritrean prison guard says: 15 Prisons are dead
Victims of Shabia (HIGDEF/PDFJ) Terror in Eritrea

Ambassador Mohammed Nur Ahmed breaking silence 1/4

Idris Mohamed Ali - over 30 years singing for Eritrea and now he is in Eritrean jail

[Part 1] HRCE's Elsa Chyrum Interviews Eyob Bahta ( Ex Eiraeiro Prison-Guard) [Part 2] HRCE's Elsa Chyrum Interviews Eyob Bahta ( Ex Eiraeiro Prison-Guard)

Eritrea the biggest PRISON in the world

Helen Berhane - Ireland - English


Haile Woldetensae Durue - It is Time For Change [video clip]

DuruE is one of the reformist(G15)in prison without trial since september 18, 2001 [video clip]

Haile Woldetensae (Former Minister of Trade and Industry)[text]

Eritrea, Fighter Haile DuruE on war 2000.

Haile Duru short interview wit Mehari Abraham 1998

Foreign Minister Haile Weldetinsae Interview Feb. 1999, and in Algies June 2000


G15 Beraki Gebreselassie[video clip]

Beraki Gebreselassie (Former Ambassador to Germany)[text]

Eritrea, Interview with Minister Mahmoud Sherifo 1997, Tigrina

Eritrea, Seminar of Mahmoud Sherifo 1997, Tigrina

G15 Mohmud Sherifo[video clip] Mahoumd Sherifo (Former VicePresident) [text]


G15 Aster Fissehatsion[video clip]

Aster Fissehatsion (Former Director of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs)[text]

Eritrea - Hanna Petros Testimony: Victim of torture & former conscript of indefinite 'National Service'

G15 Petros Solomon[video clip]

Pertos Solomon (Former Minister of Maritime Resources)[text]

G15 Berhane Gebregziabeher[video clip]

Berhane Gebregziabeher (Former Army Major-General)[text]

G15 Estifanos Seyoum[video clip]

Estifanos Seyoum (Army Brigader General)


G15 Salh Kekiya [video clip]

Saleh Kekiya (Former Minister of Transport and Communication)[text]


G15 Germano Nati[video clip]

Germano Nati (Former Regional Administrator)[text]


G15 Ogbe Abraha[video clip]

 Ogbe Abraha (Former Chief of Staff of the Defence[text]

G15 Mamad Hamid Mamad[video clip]

Who is Mamad Hamid Mamad  Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs)[text]


Eritrea - "Joshua, A Fighter for Liberation" (Part 2)[video clip]

Eritrea - "A Trip to Earth" (Part 4)



Eritrea -Tribute to Dr Taha Mohammed Nur Part 1[video clip]


Seyoum Tsehaye[video clip]

Oscars of African Journalism Part 1

Eritrean Jailed jornalist's sister tells all

May 2010 Exclusive: Dawit Isaak's prison guard speaks out_part 2

Keeping the faith in Eritrea[video clip]
Human rights decline in Eritrea: 20 more jailed since July [video clip]

Eritrea :Religious persecutions 2008 [video clip]
Persecution in Eritrea: Pray for Eritrea [video clip]

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