Update on the "death of General Oqbe Abraha"  

The prisoners are indeed held at Era Ero.  They used to be held at Embatkala; however, due to their incessant demands that their case be brought to trial, the G-1 found it necessary to move them to a more isolated place.


In addition to Red Sea Trading Corporation (“09”), all affiliates of the ruling party, including the armed forces and the “mass organizations” are allowed to have their own enterprises.  The prison at Era Ero was constructed by Sembel Serehat Haxin’n Enceytin, a company owned by the Eritrean police and headquartered near the Red Sea Soap Factory on the road to the Asmara Airport. 


Of the 9 deaths reported by Aigaforum.com, Gedab News can confirm the death of General Oqbe Abraha.   However, the cause of his death is unclear: there are conflicting reports that it is due to wounds inflicted from his attempted suicide or his long battle with a severe case of asthma.  What is known is that he was rushed to Halibet Hospital and Glass Hospital and the nurse who leaked the story of his admission was subsequently arrested.


General Oqbe Abraha was uniformly believed to be a clean fighter, but when the G-1 was building its case against him, it invented a corruption charge—then declared him guilty through its “special court.”  It is notable that unlike others, this veteran had no hand in the arrest and liquidation of dissidents of the EPLF.  He was also the first individual to initiate the correspondence with Isaias Afwerki, which eventually led to their disappearance.


Extract  from  Update on the “G-15”, the “G-1” & The People

Source: http://www.awate.com/portal/content/view/4360/3/

Last Updated ( Oct 09, 2006 )