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Mysterious death of Ibrahim Afa
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Prison camps in Gash Setite.
Underground Prison (Bunker)

Adago Au

Husen Yusuf

Adago Auka

Some prisioners were also lost their life in these prisons which are listed below. These prisons are located at Adolay´s prison camps in Gash Setite.
  • Dembe-Gedamu, February 11, 2001-March 2001.
  • Unknown area. March-May 2001
  • Dembe-Mongul. May-July 28,2001
  • Maykuhli, July 28,- December 26, 2001. =(Shiraro ) on the way to Tekeze (Setit) on
    the left side about 9 Km. (Shiraro-Maykuhli ca. 18-20km)
  • Lese (Mont-mer´awi), December 27, 2001- may be November or December 2003.
  • Dembe-Mongul, December 2003 up to now
  • The first four prison camps are located near the “GAMALO” mountain.
  • The 5th one, which is called “LESE” is located near the town of “Addi-Hagerai”.
  • The prison-cell is very narrow and there was no opening letting the air through.
List of names of prisionerswho died at Adolay´s prison camps
  • Adago Au
  • Yakob Ashora
  • Adam Osman
  • Husen Yusuf
  • Nuri Tukka
  • Hajji Fufa;
  • Illarino Hamid;
  • Tomonai Lama
  • Armadan Badi;
  • Tesemma Mehretab.
  • Iyab Shilikko Fode
  • Anni Ammoda Fode



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