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By Jelal Y. Aberra - May 27, 2010   

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Today we introduce you to Jelal Y. Aberra, an avid collector of Eritrean historical documents. Jelal will share his wealth of documents frequently; we are certain that many researchers and students of Eritrean history and politics will benefit from his contributions greatly.

                      Eritrean Departmental Secretaries, Sepetember 1955

B. C. A to FO,
Asmara, 12.9.56

Annex I
Eritrean Elections, 1956

Nomination Day –August 15. Polling Day-September 5 and 6.

Numbers of seats


Number of Candidates


Christian elected


Moslem elected


Christians re-elected


Muslims re-elected


Christian unopposed


Muslims unopposed


Results challenged


Former members unopposed


New members


New members unopposed


Annex II
Election District

Division and Political Affiliation
Asmara Division  Massawa Division
1. Demsas Woldemikael UP 1. Hajj Osman Moh'd Hindi  AU
2. Ibrahim Ali Bekit AU 2. Ato Misgun Bokru UP UP
3. Solomon Hailemelokot UP Massawa sub- division  
4. Berhanu Ahmeddin AU 1. Sayid Moh'd Ali Sheikh el Amin -- --
5. Habtesghi Ogbasghi UP 2. Sheikh Kekkia Pasha UP UP
6. Fessaha Woldemariam AU 3. Sayid Mohammed Ali Maliki -- --
7. Keshi Meascio Bein UP Assab Division
Hamasien Division 1. Rashid Sirru --
1. Bashai Tekeste Seleba -- -- Serae Division
2. Bashai G/hiwet Tesfai UP 1. Bashai Berhane Tecle UP
3. Azmatch Hagos Sereke UP 2. Azmatch Fasil Habtu UP
4. Ato Berhe Ghebrehiwet UP 3. Kegnaz. Yihdego Ghebrerufael UP
5. Ato Belai Ghebremariam UP 4. Keshi Woldeyohannes Tzadu UP
6. Graz. Ghebremariam T. UP 5. Ato Tesfai Zemikael --
Keren Division 6. Keshi Dimetros Ghebremariam UP
1. Sayid Hussein Kafeel AU 7. Ato Nega Naizghi UP
2. Sayid Ismael Daud -- 8. Ato Ogbe Haile UP
3. Sayid Sefaf Hiyabul UP 9. Azmatch Woldemikael Beraki UP
4. Cavalier Abbe Mohammed -- 10. Graz. Asmerom Woldeghiorghis UP
5. Ato Abreha Wonderas UP 11. Ato Ghebremikael Derzo UP
6. Sheik Hamid Sayid Hamid -- 12. Graz. Tesfamikael Werke UP
7. Sayid Yusuf Faki Ali AU AkeleGuzai Division
8. Sayid Mohammed Ale Abdella -- 1. Ato Ghebrekidan Tesemma AU
9. Sayid Omar Sheikh Moh'd Amir AU 2. Bashai Habte Tesfamikael UP
10. Sayid Moh'd Sayid M. Hasseno AU 3. Dejach Berhe Asmerom AU
11. Haj Mohammed Mussa Mender AU 4. Ato Tewelde Tedla UP
12. Sayid Abdu Sheikh Ali AU 5. Fit. Negash Bariaeghzi UP
13. Sayid Osman Mohammed AU 6. Dej. Ghebrezghi Guangul AU
14. Sayid Osman Ab/Rman Sheferai -- 7. Fit. Saleh Omar AU
15. Sayid Omar Adem Idris AU 8. Sayid Ahmed Saleh Barole AU
16. Sayid Al Hassan Moh'd Akola -- 9. Sayid Sunabara Damana AU
17. Sayid Hamid Ferej Hamid -- 10. Graz. Abdella Omar AU
18. Sayid Adem Suleiman Dighe -- 11. Lij. Alemseged Belai UP
19. Sayid Moh'd Badumme Kassu AU 12. Azmatch Reda Guangul UP
20. Sayid Faid Tinga Longhi AU
21. Sayid Mohammed Arey Agaba --

Key to abbreviations

= the Unionist Party

AU = Anti-Unionist : This includes all those were active within Moslem League as well as those who wanted to maintain the federal status of Eritrea.

stands for those who did not publicly express their political affiliation (most of them were anti unionist)

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