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By Gedab News - Nov 04, 2003   

Beginning on Thursday, October 30, Eritrean security officers have initiated a wave of arrests that has nabbed nearly twenty police officers, including chiefs of police departments. 

Those arrested include Colonel Yemane Fessehaye (better known as ?Weddi Regg?o?), the Head of the Crime Prevention Department; Colonel Hamed Wed Sheikh, who has held various high ranking positions including Chief of Police for Massawa as well Anseba Region; Colonel Hassen, Asmara Police Chief; and, Wedi Haleka, who was in charge of the 6th Police Station in Asmara. 


Gedab News has not been able to confirm the names of the other police officers. 


The arrests were directed by General Gherezgheir Andemariam (?Wuchu?), a man with many portfolios including Commander of one of Eritrea?s four military zones and Acting Police Commissioner, after the dismantlement of Eritrea?s police department last year.   The detainees are believed to be under the custody of one of General Wuchu?s subordinates, Colonel Solomon (?Wedi Kitcha?), and are reported to be held in a so-far unpublicized underground detention center in Mai Temenai.  


Earlier this year, as reported by Gedab News on June 5, the security department had carried out similar sweeping arrests of high-ranking police officers including the chief of the Godaif Police Station, Colonel Fiory. 


None of the arrested has been charged with any crime. 

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