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Hundreds more of Eritrean Parents Arrested in the Southern Region
EHDR-UK - 26 Oct 2005

The Eritrean government has continued its wave of arrests in the southern region. The operation, which restarted in DEKEMHARE and its suburbs in the early hours of Monday 24 October 2005, detained around 179 women and about 26 men. The targets were the parents of those who left the country without exit visas in the last several years. The arrests mainly focused on mothers, fathers, and in the absence of a father or a mother, the eldest available brother or the closest adult relative were detained.

It is to be recalled that in July this year hundreds of parents were detained in the southern region and some were released after paying bail money amounting to thousands of Nakfa. The total number of the detainees is now estimated to be in the thousands.

Eyewitnesses have reported that the detained parents and relatives include elderly people, some of whom were infirm or blind. Eyewitnesses have also reported that children who were pursuing their mothers were belted & pushed back inhumanely.