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EPLF History “Hold Me In Your Arms! …. I Am Going to Make It”

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Ghidey Ghebremikael showed the crime scene that was committed by the Ethiopian soldiers inside Abraham Woldu‘s family at Gejeret neighborhood on July 1975 around 07:30 pm. The family gathered as usual circling the plate dish for dinning, however a frightening interruption appeared before the parents and siblings took their first slice of bread. Then the nightmare of terror caught the family up for tragedy: the genocidal atrocity. The Ethiopian soldiers brutally stubbed and shot down Mr. Abraham, his spouse and three other children of theirs. Fortunately, the two youngest boys of the family Tesfay and Mussie managed to hide and observe the brutal scene that was taking place in their house; to their family: a house that few minutes earlier was founded in peace. Their four-year-old sister Ghenet was seen sobbing in front of the devastating scene of crime. Painted with blood, no mercy was in the aggressors heart for the forsaken child, so they stabbed her with the knife that left her intestine to drag out of its place. Both Tesfay and Mussie left their hidden place after they made sure the soldiers had left. Then sobbing sound came out from their baby sister Ghenet.” Tesfay, Tesfay please hold me in your arms! Mussie, Mussie hold me, I am going to make it!” she added with her dying voice. A fouryear- old victim struggling to keep her intestine from falling dawn to the ground. The 13-year-old Tesfay had a responsible and dedicated family that strives day and night to establish a better life. However, that tragic and unfortunate evening destroyed Abraham Woldu’s family dreams and hopes. This history of Abraha’s family is the history of every Eritrean family. In that horrific day 23 innocent Eritreans were brutally massacred at Gejeret by the criminal gangs of the Derg regime. Between February- March 1975, more than 500 innocent civilians were massacred on the streets of Asmara.

EPLF Martyr History - - Eritrean family martyr day remembering

The residents of the city experienced their darkest moment of the colonial ruling during this period. This story was narrated by one of the survivors of the family, Tesfay Abraha. He had an interview in June 21, 1988, with the then clandestine radio Dmzi Hafash. Tesfay fell heroically after joining the liberation struggle on the 19-05-91. Artist Ghidey Gebremichael is well known artist for his special presentation of different works of sculptures in connection with June 20, Martyrs Day. His presentation of this year “Eritrean Family” symbolizing the saddening incident of the family of Mr. Abraha, which is part and parcel of many Eritrean families. The people of Eritrea remrember this day by going out to the streets on the eve of june 19 holding a candle vigil and pictures of their beloved onse in memory of their martyrs. On Saturday 19 june 2010 at 8 pm people from all walks of life gathered at Bahti Meskerem square to attend the openig ceremony.The ceremony, which commenced by National Marching Band leading the parade, was attended by Ministers, government officials, religious leaders as well as invited dignitories and guests.In the opening speech, Mr Woldenkiel Ghebremariam, minister of the Regional Addministration, welcomed the participants of the ceremony and said that this year the commemoration of the Martyrs Day is to officially celebrated at She’eb. Highlithing the fact that our bid for independence requierd sacrifice not only in the battlfield but also in places everywhere in the nation like that in She’eb. The Ethiopian colonizers, persuting their policies foR ‘drying the sea to killl all the fish’ commited barbarous atrocities indiscriminately aginst eritreans, and remembering such atrocities draws attention to that fact.

Author: Sihin Berhe – Source: shabait.com – Profile Newspaper