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Eritrean president says won’t promise ground for political opponents

Thursday 25 February 2010 printSend this article by mail

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

February 24, 2010 (ADDIS ABABA) – Eritrean President Issayas Afeworki said that his government will never promise to create a democratic ground to any political party intending to confront his rule.

In contradiction to the above remarks, the president however said that his country, Eritrea is the leading democratic nation in the African continent.

"I don’t promise to any one, there is not a commodity called democracy," he said.

"There is not a democratic commodity promised to people by one country."

The remarks were made in a rare interview he conducted with Aljazeera where he was confronted to react in to a number of international allegations considered as threat to global peace.

A UN report indicates that 63,000 Eritreans fled country in the year 2009 alone. The Eritrean leader however dismissed the UN report calling it as pure lies.

Responding to the over growing fleeing of citizens to neighboring countries and also to the Eritrean Athletes that sought refuge in Kenya he said:

"These are lies. I haven’t heard anything like that; it doesn’t any way bother me that these Eritreans are seeking asylum in the US, EU or other countries looking for job."

According to studies, with international aid to the red sea nation being shut, two-third of the country’s population is affected by food shortages.

Despite this fact, Afeworki has stressed that people of his country doesn’t need any flow of foreign aid.

"Why do people want to spoon-feed us while we have enough food," he said adding "how can you possibly imagine and say you are hungry while I am not."

President Issayas Afeworki has also denied allegations of arming Hamas, Somalia’s Al-Shabab, Sudan’s JEM, and Houthis in Yemen.

"This is a deliberate distortion of facts without providing evidence. It is a Total fabrication. Where is your evidence?"

Responding to ties with Iran he said "We have enough weapons. We can arm three, four governments. Why do we need weapons from Iran?"

Lat December the UN security council imposed sanctions on Eritrea accusing Asmara of arming, training and supporting Islamist insurgent group in Somalia. Sanctions include an arms embargo, freeze on asset and travel ban to military officials of the country.



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  • Where was the dysfunctional AU or the UN when Eritreans were being massacred in droves & Eritrea was being turned into Armagedeon with Western & Eastern arms supplied to Ethiopia? How is that the UN or AU, didn’t had the moral fiber to stand up for millions of Eritreans & Eritrea, and now consider themselves to have legal authority, moral obligation, political clout or any form of legitmacy to preach to Eritrea & Eritreans? HELL NO,,,, The dysfunctional UN & AU need to learn the basic values of mankind & the honor of friendship, rooted in war & hardships, molded to fruitaion to victory, from the hard won victory of Eritreans & Somalis. Therefore, If Eritreans stood up for our Somali brothers, it’s because our Somali & SUDANES brothers were THE ONLY TWO, who stood up with us, during our 50 years war for independence. SO WILL ERITREANS!!!! THEREFORE, JUST LIKE ERITREA, SOMALIA WILL OVERCOME ALL ODDS!!! To hell with the AU & the UN!!! Let the chips fall where ever there may be but the UN nor the AU can cover up the Ethiopian defeat in Eritrea & Somalia.


  • Firs of all, I would like to ask Tesfalem, a so-called independent media figure, a simple question. Ever-since I have read your article, you have been engaged in a false and fabricated campaign against Eritreans and Eritrean Government, why? Have you ever tried to provide a positive news about Eritrea, then where is your in-dependency that required by your profession? Aren’t you afraid that you would be part of the garbage history? Any way I found your articles very single minded and regrettably based on distortion of facts.

    Nevertheless, I would expect and then, give admiration and credibility to you and and your profession, if you strive to provide news from the camps of Eritrean refugees also. There have been evidences, that some Ethiopian authorities are being actively engaged in taking away Eritrean refugees visa and giving to their Ethiopian families. This is some of the news that supposed to be given by an independent media. Finally, yes in Eritrea, there is economical crisis like every where. But, Eritrean case has been a clear consequence of the intervention of outsiders in this region. Solved the final and binding border crisis with Ethiopia, people would never ever desire to be refugee. Yes politically Eritrea is better off comparing to all the countries in the region. but this means its not as best as all Eritreans wish. In near future, if you want to witness, there will be young Eritreans in high public who live upon their martyrs promise not upon western wish. This will be a continuation inside process not from outside. By the way Lijam I like your comments ts just amazing. We love our neighboring people Specially those who stand up with us in all those hard days!! Any now our help to them is not based on political point of view but humanity. our dept to them is beyond any major.


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