The 41 Revolutionary Council Members Elected at the  2nd ELF Congress:


1.      Ahmed Mohammed Nasser, chairman

2.      Ibrahim Toteel, deputy chairman and head of political office

3.      Abdalla Idris, head of the military office

4.      Tesfai Woldemichael (Degiga), secretary of the EC

5.      Ibrahim Mohammed Ali, head of social affairs

6.      Hamid Adem Suleiman, head of economic office

7.      Melake Tekle, head of security

8.      Azien Yassin, head of foreign relations (later replaced by Abdalla Suleiman)

9.      Tesfamariam Woldemariam, head of information office

10.  Mahmoud Hasab,

11.  Hussein Khalifa

12.  Abdukadir Ramadan

13.  Saleh Eyay

14.  Mohammed Hamid Osman (Tumsah)

15.  Hamid Mohammed Mahmoud

16.  Yohannes Zeremariam

17.  Abdalla Suleiman

18.  Yusuf Suleiman

19.  Habte Tesfamariam

20.  Mohammed Ismail Abdu

21.  Fisehaye Ghebresilassie

22.  Tesfai Tekle

23.  Ali Mohammed Ishaq

24.  Tareke Beraki

25.  Ibrahim Idris Mohammed Adem

26.  Haileab Andu

27.  Khalifa Osman

28.  Ibrahim Ghedem

29.  Amna Melekin

30.  Idris Ramadan

31.  Ali Mohammed Ibrahim

32.  Abraham Tekle

33.  Saed Hussein

34.  Beshir Abdulkadir

35.  Yusuf Berhanu

36.  Mahmoud Beshir

37.  Suleiman Mussa Haj

38.  Andeab Ghebremeskel

39.  Ghirmai Ghebreselassie (Keshi)

40.  Mohammed Ahmed Abdu

41.  Ghebrai Tewelde



Between 1975 and 1982, the number of RC members was affected by martyrdom (5), and suspensions from membership of half a dozen members due to their roles in encouraging  extremist tendencies (the so-called ‘Falul/anarchistl’ and ‘yemin/rightist’ movements).