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Dramatic academic changes registered in higher education in the last 4 years
By Staff
Sep 16, 2006, 18:03

The Eritrean Technological Institute in Mai-Nefhi
Asmara, 16 September 2006 The establishment of several colleges in Eritrea in the last 4 years has shown a 45% increase of students who have joined higher education institutions, according to reports of the Ministry of Education. Moreover, the reports said that this figure when compared to previous ones shows a dramatic change in the higher education arena.

The Eritrean Government in line with its efforts to improve the education system and its plan to broaden higher education institutions all over the country has set up 8 colleges at university level with degree and diploma programs.

According to reports, the newly established colleges i.e. the Eritrean Technological Institute in Mai-Nefhi comprising 3 major colleges, the Agricultural College in Hamelmalo, the Health Science and Orotta medical school in Asmara, Marine Science and Technology college in Hirgigo, and the Arts and Social Science college in Adi-Keyih, as well as the Business and Economics college in Massawa, both are currently in the process of establishment.

Previous number of students enrolled in the University of Asmara usually ranged below 6,000 but with the opening of the new institutions in the last 4 years the number has doubled. The report further indicated that efforts are being made to enhance the number of colleges within the higher education institutions and enable them to a full university level.

Efforts are also being made to fully equip the laboratory at the Science, Engineering and Technology Colleges in addition to the utilizing the resources and instructors in order to carryout the task.

The transfer of resources of the University of Asmara to the newly established higher education institutions is part of the effort being made to enhance the capacity of these institutions.

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