The Revolutionary Command (seated in Kassala)

In that fateful August 1965 meeting in the Sudan, the Cairo-based Supreme Council formed a new body called the Revolutionary Command (kiyada sawriya) which was supposed to lead the armed divisions of the ELA from its headquarters in Kassala. Members of the Revolutionary Command were:

1. Mohammed Saed Adem, chairman,

2. Jaafer Mohammed,

3. Mohammed Ismail Abdu,

4. Ahmed Mohammed Ali Issa,

5. Omar Jabir Omar,

6. Omar al-Haj,

7. Abdu Osman, and

8. Mulugheta Gherghis (who deserted soon and caused the arrest in Asmara of Seyoum Ogbamichael and Woldedawit Temesgehen whom he sent on mission from Kassala in August 1965). After that, more members were named to the Revolutionary Command; the first ones were :

9. Saleh Hidug,

10. Al-Zein Yassin,

11. Mohamud Mohammed Saleh, and

12. Abdulkadir Idris.


source:From the Experiences of the Eritrean Liberation Army (ELA) Part VIII and Final By Nharnet Team (Jan 13, 2005)