4.2 Brief information on prisons and victims
There are many prisons after the liberation of Eritrea than were before, some of them are listed below [ Source:Places of detention in Eritrea”By: Abdelaziz Yassin]
  • Aderser, near Sawa. Underground cells
  • Adi Abeto army prison near Asmara. Incident of 4 November 2004, where prisoners were killed trying to escape after a wall was pushed over.
  • Adi Keih town prison
  • Agip, Asmara.
  • Alla, Decamhare town Shipping containers reported as being used as punishment blocks in this facility
  • Gedem prison. It is alleged to be the site of forced labour in 2004, with the construction of a naval base, numbering 400 prisoners who received minimal food and water, no medical attention after injury and the use of confinement in shipping containers in excessive temperatures as punishment.
  • Mai Serwa military camp near Asmara The camp is used for the detention of draft evaders, and uses metal shipping containers and underground cells.

                                Shipping container                      
  • Assab military prison Human Rights Without Frontiers reported on 7 May 2003 that 74 soldiers were detained in Assab prison. [68a] The initial query claimed that the prison was known to house up to 5000 prisoners and that it held soldiers that "ran afoul of their government".
  • Dahlek Kebir, Dahlak Detention and prison facilities built on the main Dahlek island in the Red Sea, with a capacity for 800 prisoners,
  • Eiraeiro, Filfil-Selomuna. A 'secret' prison for political prisoners. "at least 62 political prisoners" are held at Eiraeiro; that nine detainees had died as a "result of 'various illnesses, psychological pressure or suicide'." and that three of the deaths were of journalists detained since September 20
  • Gahteley military camp,
  • Galaalo military camp, Red Sea coast. Deaths of conscripted students reported in August 2001 while performing forced labour
  • Haddis Ma'askar. An army prison equipped with underground cells
  • Mai Edaga, Decamhare town. Shipping containers reported as being used as punishment blocks in this facility
  • Mai Temenei. An army prison
  • Sawa Military Training Camp, Sawa prison is made entirely of tin material" and thus insufferably hot in the day and cold at night. It comprises of twelve tin barrack blocks. Malnutrition, poor hygiene and lack of medical attention reported, with high levels of infections and diseases associated with poor living conditions.
  • Sembel prison,
  • Tehadasso army prison. Shipping containers reported as being used as punishment blocks in this facility.
  • Tessenei military prison, classed as 'rehabilitation centre'. Allegations of torture, beatings and general abuse reported in this facility.
  • Tract B military prison In late 2002, some EPLF veterans among the Maltese returnees were separated out at Adi Abeto and then sent to Tract B prison
  • Tsererat prison, Asmara. "Mainly for EPLF veterans, held in underground cells
  • Wengel Mermera (Wenjel Mirmera) investigation centre.
    . A desert detention camp . A desert detention camp built on the Red Sea coast. Temperatures in this area are often over 40 degrees centigrade
Yemane Tekie & Yirga Yosief
died: August 14, 2001
Place:Wi'a/Wea detention centre.
Caused of death:heatstroke
Since 2001 many prisoners were beaten to death in those prisons which are listed at this section
  A former political prisoner held there at the same time told Reporters Without Border: "Dongolo is a prison with cells that measure 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres, and 2.5 metres tall. They are lit by a bulb that is never turned off. The prisoners are chained to the wall by their feet. Their wrists are manacled. The harm done to the prisoners' health by these conditions is indescribable. Insects buzz around the bulb in the ceiling." Already weakened by his hunger strike, Fessehaye was interrogated harshly by Col. Gaim Tesfemichael and Col. Simon Ghebregindil, the source said. His fingernails were ripped out.
Prisoners who died at the Eiraeiro prison
  • Mohmud Sherifo, died June 6, 2003
  • Astier Fissehatsion, died June 13, 2003
  • Ogbe Abraha, died July 13, 2002. Place Imbatkala
  • Mamad Hamid Mamad, died 2006
  • Salih Kekiya, died June 9, 2003
  • Said Abdulkader, died March 14, 2004
  • Fessshaye Yohannes, died January 2007
  • Yusuf Mohammed, June 13,2006
  • Medhanie Haile, Februrary 2004
  • Tesfa Girorghis, March 4,2004
  • Sahle Tegezeab, January 2005
    Caused of death for the above victims: torture, climactic condition and medical negligency
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    Some prisioners were also lost their life in these prisons which are listed below. These prisons are located at Adolay´s prison camps in Gash Setite.
  • Dembe-Gedamu, February 11, 2001-March 2001.
  • Unknown area. March-May 2001
  • Dembe-Mongul. May-July 28,2001
  • Maykuhli, July 28,- December 26, 2001. =(Shiraro ) on the way to Tekeze (Setit) on
    the left side about 9 Km. (Shiraro-Maykuhli ca. 18-20km)
  • Lese (Mont-mer´awi), December 27, 2001- may be November or December 2003.
  • Dembe-Mongul, December 2003 up to now
  • The first four prison camps are located near the “GAMALO” mountain.
  • The 5th one, which is called “LESE” is located near the town of “Addi-Hagerai”.
  • The prison-cell is very narrow and there was no opening letting the air through.
List of names of prisionerswho died at Adolay´s prison camps
  • Adago Au
  • Yakob Ashora
  • Adam Osman
  • Husen Yusuf
  • Nuri Tukka
  • Hajji Fufa;
  • Illarino Hamid;
  • Tomonai Lama
  • Armadan Badi;
  • Tesemma Mehretab.
  • Iyab Shilikko Fode
  • Anni Ammoda Fode
Underground Prison (Bunker)
Husen Yusuf
Adago Au
[Source http://www.baden-kunama.com/Gallery.htm]
Lists of some prisomers who died in other prisons
  • Paulos Kidane, died June 2007, place underground prison beneath the No. 5 police station
  • Taha Moh Nur, died Feb. 2008, place Prison camp
  • Nigisti Haile, died September 2007, place Wia army training camp near the port of Massawa
  • Moges Solomon, died February 2007, place Adi-Nefase army camp near the port of Assab
  • Amanuel & Kibrom, died October 2006, place Adi-Quala military camp
  • Fitewrari Hedad Kerar, died May 2003
  • Azieb Simon,died July 2008, place Wi'a Military Training Center
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Generally since 2001 many prisoners were lost their life in those prisons which are listed above due to no medical attention after injury and the use of confinement in shipping containers in excessive temperatures as punishment
      Lists of execution of some prisoners and others since 1991
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