29/12: More details have emerged about the arrests that occured between 24 and 25 November 2005.

Source http://zete9.asmarino.com/?itemid=278

Here's a list:

1. Idris Mohammed Ali. Famous singer and veteran fighter. One of the founders of the musical band of the People's Liberation Forces (PLF) - predecessor of the EPLF, in 1975.

2. Taha Mohammed-Nur. Founding member of the ELF; leadership member of the PLF, and member of the Referendum Commission in 1992/93.

3. Salah Grienet. Eritrean Airlines, Asmara ticket office. Doing national service since 1996. (Assab front between 1997 and 2003).

4. Jimie Kimeil. Reporter and Sports Editor at 'Eritrea Al Hadeetha'. EPLF fighter.

5. Jeilani (second name unknown). Traffic police, Asmara.

6. Mohammed Jimie Arei. Forensic specialist (trained in Holland), Eritrean Police, Asmara HQ. Background in Law studies.

7. Adem Selshel. Journalist, Asmara.

8. Abubakr Berq Ramadan. Civil servant, Keren town administration. Previously working in PFDJ office in Keren.

9. Abdalla Ramadan. Businessman, Keren.

10. Omar Kekia. Ministry of Education, Keren. Veteran fighter in the ELF and in the EPLF (since late 1960s).

11. Mahmoud Mesmer. Civil servant, Keren.

12. Mohammed nour. Hotel manager. Agurdat.

13. Mohammed AbdelHaleem. Businessman and writer. Barentu.

14. Hasan (second name unknown). Barentu.

All of the above were taken by security agents from their homes, in the respective locations, in the early hours of 24 and 25 November 2005. The government did not disclose the reason for the arrests. There are unconfirmed rumours, however, that the government views the detainees as being pro-democractic change.

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