Modern Education Development, Challenges and Current State in Eritrea (1839 to 2016)

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Compiled and researched by Resoum Kidane

Pt. 5e Legacy of the ELF leaders assasinated educated fighters and civilians in cold-blood

The EPLF inherited from the ELF the killing of innocent fighters in cold-blood. Indeed the assasination of fighters inside Sudan did not begin in 1980s by the EPLF but has roots going back to the 1960s, this was when educated fighters like Kidane Keflu became the victm of the ELF leadership in Kessala. Regarding the assisnation of innocent fighters inside Sudan, Paice (1994, 34) states that Wolday Giday and Kidane Kiflu, two prominent ELF members were also killed in Kassala by comrades.

Source kab riqe -hefeneti Tekie Beyne (2009: p.123)

Kidane Kiflu after completing his Secondary school Education in Asmara, Kidane moved to Addis Ababa and enrolled at the then Haile Selassie 1st University. At the University he started in the Arts faculty majoring in Political Science. Two years later he joined the Law School. Humble and charismatic, Kidane Kiflu is known for his quick mind, courage and political cunning, traits that became tools for his political activities. Kidane was active in the struggle for Eritrean independence starting from his young age. Kidane gained the love of his country from an early age and he dedicated his life to Eritrea until the day he is murdered in cold blood the 5th of March 1970 in Kassala, the eastern city of the Sudan by the same movement that he joined to liberate his country. source ementu.com .

Ibrahim Berhan (2001) also states that Kidane is one of those gallant and brilliant fighters,TeGaDeLTi,who was assasinated in Kassala,Sudan in the late 60s.He was not only a heroic fighter who relentlessly opposed the sectarian and backwarded political outlooks of the then Jebha,he was a decent person with exceedingly pleasant personality.Those who were incarcerated with him in Sudan's jail in the late 60s attest to those facts.Once he was released the butchers of the then Jebha killed him and put his body in a trunk of a taxi.So was the barbaric acts of QiYaDa ALaMa that left no options for the true and patriotic fighters that they have to emabark upon seeking a different path of pursuing the nationalist agendas.

As a legacy of the ELF leaders crime committed against fighters inside the Sudan, this crimes get much worse in the 1980s when the EPLF security forces carried numerous assaination inside Sudane. Haile Garza and Michael Gaber were among the victims who assasinated by the EPLF security agent in Kartoum and Kessala respectively.. Both of them were gratuated from the University of Addis Abbeba.

Furthermore in the 1980s Said Saleh, Woldedawit Temesgen, Idris Hangela, Mahmud Hasseb Haile and others were also killed by the EPLF security inside Sudan. Dr. Yassin Aberra also assisnated by the EPLF security agent in Asmara in 1990. Although there is no written information about the ELF crime inside Sudan in the1980s, the ELF wasn’t innocent from committing crimes inside Sudan in the1980s

Haile Garza

Haile Garza studied Social Work at Haile Selassie University in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He joined the EPLF from Addis Abeba in 1975. Soon he was put in one of the prisons of Halewa Sewra. Miraculously, Haile escaped and took a couple of his prison guards and joined the ELF. Haile soon played a key role in the land distribution projects of the ELF. Haile was an exceptionally intelligent person who not only played the guitar but also spoke Tigre, Tigriyna, Amharic, Arabic and English fluently. He wrote equally well in the three scripts (Geez, Roman and Arabic). Among other things. Haile represented the ELF as the head of its humanitarian wing, the Eritrean Red Cross & Crescent Society (ERCCS). Haile’s untimely death in Khartoum in 1984 by the EPLF security was linked to his position of the ERCCS. read more

Michael Ghaber

Born in the early 1940s in Musha, at the banks of River Ansaba, Michael Ghaber attended elementary and junior high schools in Keren residing with his uncle, Tuluk Hamad, a former vocal member of Blocco Indipendenza and father of Debrom Tuluk, who was martyred while leading the liberation of  Mendefera in 1977. Michael and this writer became friends ever since their encounter in grade three in 1956 when they soon became among the youthful nationalist agitators of their generation, including classmates Mahmoud Jenjer (one of the 7 heroic martyrs of Bogu, 1966), Saleh Hayoti and others. Michael Ghaberr was one of the key student agitators in Asmara between 1961 and 1965, a life-time task that was continued in Addis. Michae went to Haile Selassie I University in Addis Ababa in 1965 , where he took a degree in history and joined the ELF. The front assigned him to their education department, and at the end of 1976 posted him to Kassala, Sudan. Michael taught there from 1978 through 1992. He was killedby EPLF security agents in Kessela

Source Connell (2010, pages 377) and Woldeyesus Ammar ( 2005) readmore Michael Ghaber studied History at Addis Ababa University and graduated in 1971. His thesis was the Bilin of Bogs.

Dr. Yassin Aberra

Dr. Yassin Aberra was assasinated in cold-blood by EPLF security agents in front of his home January 1991.

According to hedgait.blogspot.co.uk, Dr. Yassin Aberra was assasinated by the EPLF death squads at about 6 pm. in front of his house, on 31st January 1991 (26 years ago, this day), just 4 months before the liberation of Eritrea, a cause that he and his family had paid dearly to.

Habte Teclemariam on facebook describes Dr Yassin Aberra in the following words : I was fascinated by his energy and enthusiasm to procure knowledge to anyone who seeked it. At one time an Eritrean Judge was selected to go to East Germany for Marxist Lenininist training in East Berlin. He could speak Italian, English and Amharic fluently, besides his native Tigrina. He wanted to have a working knowledge of German and was told that Dr. Yassin had completed studires in Germany. So Dr. Yassin used to drink tea in the afternnon, after lunch at Club Asmara. And the judge went to seek his advice. They were acquainted to each other but were not really close friends. And, Dr. Yassin enjoyed his afternnon tea, no disturbances allowed. The Judge approaches him saying that he was interested to learn some German and where he should start.Dr Yassin is reported to have answered by saying :" First the Italians, followed by the British then the Ethiopians, When are the Germans supposed to be here? He was just responding to the unexpected intrusion in his resting time. He was that kind of a person, Jolly, and jovial with a ton of a sense of humor

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