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Ermias Debessai
Ermias Debesai while he was in Hospital prison for Medical treatment
Former members of the Eritrea Support Campaign UK, who were active in the 1980s in support of the Eritrean liberation struggle, set up a website

in late 2004 to campaign for the release of Ermias Debessai and thereby also highlight the fate of other Eritrean political prisoners. Since this website was launched, it has contributed to making available relevant web resources on human rights abuses and injustices in Eritrea. It has become a resource for those concerned with political repression in Eritrea. In the process of campaigning for Ermias Debessai and other political prisoners the web-site broadened the scope of its coverage.
To reflect this development on 19th September most of the resources which are not directly related to the campaign for Ermias's release were transferred to www.ehrea.org, and at the end of 2007 justice4ermias website was also incorporated into it. This can now be found at www.ehrea.org/justice4ermias.php.

erhea wished to acknowledge the role of former members of the Eritrea Support Campaign UK for launching, www.justice4ermias.org.uk. It contributed to the setting up of www.ehrea.org. The Eritrea Human Rights Electronic Archive’s mission is to increase public awareness of the situation in Eritrea and to serve as a platform for the efforts of its people to achieve justice and democracy