Dr. Wolde-Ab Yisak conducts seminar in Washington D.C.


The President of the University of Asmara, Dr. Wolde-Ab Yisak, conducted seminar to Eritreans in Washington D.C. on April 10.

In an open discussion, Dr. Wolde-Ab Yisak disclosed that the University's strategy is to produce creative and professional citizens so as to effectively contribute in the nation-building process of building Eritrea into a developed and prosperous country. He further gave in-depth briefings supported with figures on the efforts made and the outcomes so far achieved to this end.

Accordingly, Dr. Wolde-Ab outlined that from 1992-2004 the University of Asmara (UoA) had graduated around 8,000 students, had increased study courses over the years, gives training to instructors to upgrade the quality of teaching and that different construction works are underway.

Noting that the UoA maintains relations with foreign universities based on partnership, he underlined the importance of active participation on the part of the nation's intelligentsia residing abroad in the university's all-round effort.

Dr. Wolde-Ab Yisak also gave replies to questions from participants of the seminar.

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