Eritrea under brutal dictator
By Daniel Dawit, 04.07.2005

"It is better before yesterday than after tomorrow", said one mentally challenged person. And you wonder why a person would say such thing like that. Well! Because the living cost is high, a lot of family lost their loved ones during the war with Ethiopia and as a result no one is home to take care of their parents, mentally challenged people are on the rise, unemployment, education is deteriorating dramatically, trading is controlled by PFDJ, no export or import is allowed for private sectors, people have to wait long line with a coupon to get basic needs such as sugar, teabag, pasta…etc. there are a lot of jail cells than public housing, a lot of prisoners with out trial, and the worst part is that visitation is not allowed. I can keep on going, but the lists above are enough for now.
When a person says that it is better before yesterday than after tomorrow, it says it all in short sentence. It means that there is no hope or future in Eritrea. However, what still surprise me is that people are very scared to react to this brutal dictator administration. I dare to say that 95% of Eritrean population are not happy, but yet they just watch see Eritrea going to hell. What happen to our patriotism? And for how long are we going to be scared? When are we going to say enough is enough? Or should we just wait for the time and pray to God for a better future? I leave the answers to the readers.
Let me tell you a short true story that happened in Asmara. There were two elderly in their 60's sitting on the bench and saw un Italian lady passing by with her child and they started to talk in Italian…komostay toto bene chaw… and one young guy in his 20's got furious and started to question the two elderly Eritreas. The conversation goes like this:
Young guy in his 20s says, "Do you like Italians?"
One of the elderly in his 60s replied, "yes."
Young guy furiously said, "why"
Elderly replied, "because they taught me language, mechanic, civil engineering…"
Young guy interrupted and said, "didn't the Italians oppressed us, they even sent our ancestors to NAKURA"
The second elderly answered by saying, " Even now under Iseyas Regime they send you to NAKURA."
After that conversation, the young guy's emotion slowed down and headed home. So dear readers, I want you to think about this, is that true in Eritrea it is better before yesterday than after tomorrow? Even though, a mentally challenged person said it, and still implies to all of us.

May God Bless Eritrea and the People!
May God finish The misery of Eritreans under Isseyas Regime!
Glory to our Fallen Brothers and Sisters in the Struggle!


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