Crimes committed against ELF fighters by the EPLF in the 1980s
In the 1980s Said Saleh, Woldedawit Temesgen, Idris Hangela, Mahmud Hasseb Haile Garza and others were also killed by the EPLF security inside Sudan. Although there is no written information about the ELF crime inside Sudan in the1980s, the ELF wasn’t innocent from committing crimes inside Sudan in the1980s  
Haile Garza studied Social Work at Haile Selassie University in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He joined the EPLF from Addis Abeba in 1975. Soon he was put in one of the prisons of Halewa Sewra. Miraculously, Haile escaped and took a couple of his prison guards and joined the ELF. Haile soon played a key role in the land distribution projects of the ELF. Haile was an exceptionally intelligent person who not only played the guitar but also spoke Tigre, Tigriyna, Amharic, Arabic and English fluently. He wrote equally well in the three scripts (Geez, Roman and Arabic). Among other things
Haile represented the ELF as the head of its humanitarian wing, the Eritrean Red Cross & Crescent Society (ERCCS)  
Haile’s untimely death in Khartoum in 1984 by the EPLF security was linked to his position of the ERCCS. Haile united the then ERCCS of the three factions of the ELF (Ahmed Nasir, Abdela Idris and Osman Buruj) and became their first and last chair man.

At that time, THE Scandinavian international NGOs which had been assisting the humanitarian wings of the ELF, EPLF, OLF and TPLF (namely ERCCs, ERA, ORA and REST) were mostly convinced that in Eritrea they had to help ERA only. They knew that the ELF was expelled by the joint force of the EPLF and TPLF. Norwegians Church Aid was the key among the NGOs. Haile realized that the conference in OSLO, Norway would determine the fate of his organisation ERCCS as well.

Haile tried, but thanks to the then head of ERA, was unable to get an entry visa to Norway to attend that crucial conference. However, Haile was so resourceful that secured a visa to Sweden and rented a boat to entry Norway. Thus, Haile attended the conference. He illustrated to the Norwegian NGO’s that his organization, the ERCCS was still responsible for the lives of thousands of Eritreans who had escaped from Eritrea and were in vulnerable circumstances in Sudan.

The donors responded positively to Haile’s demands and consequently ERA, despite the lion’s share that is secured, was deeply frustrated by the missionary zeal of Haile that they couldn’t stop. Haile returned to Khartoum victorious, but was soon assassinated. He won the war but lost the battle.

Michael Ghaber

Killings and kidnappings continued even after Eritrea’s liberation in 1991. On 26 April 1992, ELF-RC Executive Committee members Woldemariam Bahlibi and Teklebrahan Ghebresadiq (Wedi Bashay) were kidnapped on Easter Day and taken to Eritrea. (After 13 years, no one knows where they are or what happened to them!) On 25 May 1992, exactly one month after their kidnapping, ELF-RC’s Michael Ghaber died in Kassala, reportedly in an accident when his bicycle was hit, while on a routine route, by a public bus driven by a Sudanese national. Readmore

ካብ መፋርቕ ሰማንያታት ክሳብ 1991 ኣብ ከሰላን ከባቢኣን ኢሳይያስ ብዘዋደዶ ተንኮል ኣንጻር ተጋደልቲ ጀብሃ ነበር ይግበር ንዝነበረ ቅንጸላን ጭውያ መካይንን ነቶም ኣብቲ ስርሒት ብኢሳይያስ ዝለኣኹ ዝነበሩ ሰባት፤ /ዝርዝር ኣስማቶም ይጽናሕ/ ጸብጻባቶም ዝቕበል ዝነበርኩ፣ ነቲ ጸብጻብ ድማ ሰኒደ ናብ ዓንበርቦብ /ሳሕል/ ዝልእኮ ዝነበርኩን ሰብ ኣነ እየ። ነታ ብትእዛዝ ገበነኛ ኢሳይያስ ካብ ከሰላ ተጨውያ ናብ ኤርትራ ዝኣተወት ቀዳመይቲ ላንድ ክሩዘር /ለይላ ዑልዊ/ ናይ ዓብደል-ቃድር ጀላኒ፣ ናብ ሜጀር ጀነራል ተኽላይ ሃብተስላሰ ኣብ ከተማ ከረን ዘረከብኩዋ ኣነ እየ። ይኣክል “ኣነ’የ!”

Source ትልሚ ንዘርኢ ክርዳድ ( መበል 17 ክፋል) ብ ኣለና

Crime committed against civilians by the EPLF and ELF in the 1970s
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