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Response To Sara Zero --- " Faith according to the ' Faith - Fools '

By Daniel Haile
April 23, 2001
Ms. Sara in [ Faith according to the ' Faith Fools ' ] writes " He, Daniel the Baptist, preached strictly on the basis of ' faith in our President ' while in the same article she praises Ms.Trhas a notch for including the ' System ' in her deliberations. I am blissfully delighted that Sara called me John the Baptist for having faith in my President. I have been a convert since I read NHNAN ELAMANAN. I have always assumed that this Manifesto was written by no other but Isayas himself. Thirty years ago this Man wrote what his goal was in that fateful document and I believe that he has achieved 90% of what he set-out to do. Unlike John the Baptist's faith based in miracles, my faith came from this historical facts. In short what I am saying is that I and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Eritreans, Trust in the PIA's judgment at this point of the Eritrean history than we do in the checks and balances of the Ivy league college graduates. I do not believe we deserve to be called ' Faith-Fools' for having this belief. We are neither fools nor smart. We are just expressing our humble opinion in a common-sense way.
In her writing Sara says " On a more serious note, if you are referring to our Martyr's system and their legacy...... then I definitely agree that we should have faith in the martyrdom.." I do not know if there ever was a system called ' Martyr's System ' unless, as I have seen many writers do, you are trying to exploit the legacy of the Martyrs. We do not have the privilege of asking where the martyrs faith lies, in you or President Isayas. Whether you like or not the only system the Eritrean people, up to now, have known has been the TRUST in the front in general and the PIA in particular. There has never been ' Checks and Balances' on the road to independence and there won't be one on the journey to the constitutional government either. If I may add this TRUST has been a two way street. That is as much TRUST as we had in his leadership he also in turn has had as much TRUST in the Eritrean people to pay the necessary sacrifice to achieve the common goal. I think this reality has long been recognized even by the enemy. Just look at the Web site of the enemy. Looking at the enemy's web pages you would not know that there is a war between Ethiopia and Eritrea as most of the enemy's effort has been directed to undercut or diminish this Trust-- the TRUST the Eritrean have in their President by relentlessly attacking President Isayas Afwerki. I believe this bond of Trust between the people and PIA that has brought the joy of independence will finally usher the constitutional system of government with its check and balances that we all eagerly await. When that is done I will proudly proclaim that President Isayas Afwerki has delivered 100% what he promised to his people in ' NHNAN ELAMANAN ' thirty-one years ago. Given the PIA's historical record I do not believe I have misplaced my Trust when I and many others believe in President Isayas Afwerki than we do in the many theoreticians that mushroom by the minute. It is not a surprise then that even the Americans with all their education and technology acknowledge the power of ' Faith ' as they proclaim in their Dollar " We Trust in God ". Finally, I have no doubt that the Eritrean people will succeed as the majority of us are bound to keep this Trust, this faith to its joyous end.

The difference between you, Ms Sara, and me is that you expected Eritrea to have a multiparty Democracy and a Singapore like economy at this stage of its history while for me, the very existence of Eritrea continues to be nothing short of a miracle. As a result of this personal perceptions I am willing to give the President the benefit of doubt when he declares that there will not be a multiparty elections in Eritrea's first elections. I believe Isayas Afwerki deserves this understanding from his people as he has been intimately involved more than any body else in the creation of our beloved Eritrea.

Daniel Haile

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