Members of the 1st Revolutionary Council Democratically Elected at the 1971 Congress:


1.      Idris Mohammed Adem, president

2.      Herui Tedla Bairu, first vice  president

3.      Abdalla Idris Mohammed, second vice president

4.      Saleh Ahmed Eyay, head foreign office

5.      Mohammed Ismail Abdu, head of coordination

6.      Ibrahim Mohammed Ali

7.      Mohammed Osman Izaz

8.      Ahmed Ibrahim Nafi’e (Halib Sete)

9.      Mohammed Berhan Abdurahman

10.  Ahmed Mohammed Nasser

11.  Tesfai Tekle

12.  Mohammed Saleh Humed

13.  Shihem Ibrahim Shihem (later deserted to the enemy).


Two posts were left vacant for mass organizations and were later filled by

14.  Amna Mohammed  Ali  Melekin, chairwoman of women’s union

15.  Ali Osman Hinti, chairman of Eritrean workers’ union.